Mission Statement

We aim to create new connections and enrich existing ones: between generations, between diverse backgrounds and cultures, and between the community and surrounding environment.


We believe that specially designed camp activities and projects that immerse participants in their local environment can foster conenctions between generations, backgrounds and cultures. Older adults share their knowledge and experience, while youth provide fresh insights and energy. Collaboration on video “clips of the day” to tell the story to an intergenerational audience helps all share and reflect on their experience. A low senior to camper ratio (approximately 1:4) ensures lots of opportunities to communicate, learn, and just have fun.


Safety is an integral part of The Generation Connection experience. Campers are protected from the threat of any unsafe environment that might lead to physical, social, or emotional harm.

Founder’s statement

“In the summer of 2002, Tim Cohane and Frank Forker, basketball coaches on my staff when I was Athletic Director at Manhattanville College, helped me flesh out an idea about an opportunity for seniors to mentor kids. The discussion always boiled down to good times we personally enjoyed with grandparents or other mentors and memories of how much our elders seemed to enjoy those times, too. We concluded that it was that ‘win-win’ feeling we wanted to capture. Such a simple concept has paid dividends, no matter what the venue.”

– Joel Daunic, Founder & Director, TGC