Collaborative Intergenerational Documentary Video Productions

Since 2003 The Media Spot (TMS) has partnered with TGC to teach campers the basics of video production through documenting the camp experience. Small groups that include older adults and young campers videotape each TGC activity, then work with Rhys Daunic of TMS and a team of Jr. Counselor editors throughout the day to edit their footage into the Clips of the Day. The traditional final camp event is watching the “Clips” with parents, campers and staff.

Promoting Media Literacy for All Ages

The production process promotes media literacy, by encouraging campers (older adult campers included) to think critically about how they can use video to communicate to their audience what makes this camp special. We emphasize the analytical decisions campers and seniors make during filming and editing that will affect the message their audience will take away. In addition to teaching campers how videos are constructed, these moments help make the CODs authentic mementos that frame the nature of TGC experiences. See the Media Literacy Process video clip to see how it all works, and watch the archives of clips dating back to 2003 to see what the campers decided to capture and share with you from their travels!